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What makes us different from the rest of the competition. It is simply this. We have been training people for the last 20 to 30 years. Between myself Rupert  September and co founder Victor Dicks. We have come across real gimmicks in the gym industry. 

We have also seen machines made by big cooperates that have no clue how the body works. But these machines fills gyms and works on people's egos.

We also came across machines in super market that is nothing but cheap rip offs. The gym industry is designed to have only two markets commercial and home gym. 

There is a reason for that. It is to keep  you from  the real quality of a professional gym equipment. Forcing people to join the greatest scam ever the gym industry. 

People will say things like. They can only grow and lose weight when using a gyms equipment.

But know have have created the perfect multifunctional machines. That rates just as high as a quality gym. So you the consumer can invest in not only your health but also your future children's children.


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Rupert september picture

Rupert september

Founder and designer

Rupert September.  A personal trainer for more then 30 years. A nutrition expert in the field of body transformation. 

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