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We also offer personal training. In a private training studio. Contact us for a free session.

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We do a three year equipment rental.For  our personal training package. This includes 4 multifunctional machines including a half rack with high…

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Economy line bench with stand multifunctional 

Economy line bench picture

A a great way to start your home gym. At a reduced price. With 50 inch high density foam

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This is a multifunctional pulley machine that you can do all you pulley work on from cable crossovers to all beach work. From triceps to arms. From shoulders to abs. All in on great machine

Half rack with high snd low pulleys picture

This is a must have for any trainer. The half rack is great for free weight training and all high and low pulley work.

Leg destroyer picture

The leg destroyer. The five in one leg system 


Leg press


Standing calve raises 

Seated calve raises

Multifunctional bench picture

Bench made with high grade steel.

Flat bench



Made with 50x50 steel and 75x 50 frame.


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Bank Transfer / Deposit


What makes us different from the rest of the competition. It is simply this. We have been training people for the last 20 to 30 years. Between myself Rupert  September and co founder Victor Dicks. We have come across real gimmicks in the gym industry. 

We have also seen machines made by bi…

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Rupert september

Founder and designer

Rupert September.  A personal trainer for more then 30 years. A nutrition expert in the field of body transformation. 


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